Dr.'s Single

The Dr. Kenneth Single is the 'alpha male' of arm chairs. Styling steel square section for the frame and your choice of colour, arm height, depth of seat base, upholstery material and finish and timber finish on the outside - it will be YOUR'S. ONLY



P.S - get in touch with LP Fabrication to talk to Luke about how you can add your personalised functionality - Champagne Drawer, Pop-out Makeup Vanity, you name it!

Dr.'s Single

Colour/Texture Upholstery
Comfortable Elbow Height
Steel Colour/Finish
Timber Finish
Seat base depth
Upholstery Finish
  • LP Fabrication Ltd Guarantees this products quality 100% - for life.

  • Your product is made 100% to order - here in Hamilton. We require at most 2 weeks to manufacture and 2 days to arrange your freight. Overseas orders will require special arrangements for freight.

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