LP Innovations Quickfence

Patent Pending

Removing your struggle and increasing your performance.

1/3 of the holes. NO concrete. 300% Faster.

= 300% more productivity and profit

Here's why Quickfence is your best choice:

You save with speed of construction:

  • 1/2 - 1/3 of holes drilled

  • No concrete used

  • Construct immediately

  • 200% - 300% faster install

  • Zero onsite wastage - pre built panels to plan and delivered on time

You will LOVE zero fence maintenance:

  • Built-in mowing strips

  • No expansion or contraction

  • No rotting

  • No bowing/cupping

  • No repairs

  • Vandal resistant 

  • No re-painting/staining

  • Lifetime structural gaurantee

Stunning good looks impress everyone

  • Perfect lawn edging - always

  • All Powdercoated steel and ACM construction

  • Any colour you choose

  • Maintains "new" looks always

Construction is so efficient it will save money and give outstanding reward for all builders and homeowners.

The simplicity of this design allows you to have your fence made in a factory while you work on the projects that earn the best money. When it is delivered they simply lift into the pre-installed ground sleeves and tighten with bolts - this process is 315% faster, on average, than traditional timber fencing and can save on average 200% of the time on site than ANY fencing system.

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